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Free Talkshoe Internet Podcast Training For Aspiring Radio Personalities

Would like to start you own Internet Radio Show but you are wondering where to start?  No problem, the website used most by the podcast shows I listen to, is Talkshoe.  You can set up your show for free, that’s right FREE!  Talkshoe even provides free classes for beginning podcasters. In fact, the next Free […]

Do you really want to Use Twitter for Your Business

Do you really want to Use Twitter for Your Business

I was asked this question – “Do you really want to use Twitter for your Business” by a very good friend of mine who also happens to be my mentor.  My answer was, “No, Absolutely Not!”  Why not you ask?  Because I just didn’t understand the benefits of Twitter for Business.  I know that I’m […]

Do You Need International Shipping Information

Do You Need International Shipping Information

When you sell your items online you should consider selling to International Customers.  The majority of eCommerce merchants sell their items to Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.  When you limit your market to the United States, you will sell fewer items. Here are some tips for shipping your items Internationally.  The […]

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Why you Need to Register New Business Website Domain Names Yourself

For those New Business Owners out there who are thinking about establishing your own website, register the Domain Name yourself.  Login to, or any other Domain Registrar, and purchase your own Business Domain Name.  It does not cost that much and is very easy to do.  By completing this process, you will always […]

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Advantages to Ecommerce Businesses using a PayPal Account

The biggest Advantage to Ecommerce Businesses is that PayPal is one of the most widely utilized Internet Payment Systems.  Sellers and Buyers all over the World trust PayPal.  By offering PayPal as a method of payment, your Home Based Business can receive and send US payments, as well as, International payments. The PayPal Monthly and […]

Image Search Ranking SEO

How to Improve your Image Search Ranking

Most Bloggers concentrate their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts on the text in their blog posts, websites, and product listings.  This is great for surfing on the web.  However, search engines such as Google and Bing, also search your images and ranks these images, before displaying them.    Increase your image search ranking by naming […]

PayPal USPS Click-n-Ship Online Postage Shipping Solutuions

Use PayPal and USPS Click-N-Ship Online Postage Shipping Solutions

During this Holiday Season you should have at least 2 different ways to print your Online Postage Shipping Labels.  In my opinion, PayPal and USPS Click-N-Ship are 2 of the easiest shipping solutions available. Most Online Sellers are familiar with printing Shipping Labels through their PayPal Accounts.  PayPal allows you to print your Shipping Labels […]

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Basic Guidelines for Choosing an Online Selling Venue

You have decided that you want to start a Home Based Business and you are new to ecommerce or selling online.  Perhaps, you sell on Ebay and have decided that it is time to expand your Online Business.  Now you are wondering how to choose an Online Selling Venue. There are many different sites to […]


Free USPS Priority Mail Supplies

The United States Post Office (USPS) offers Free Priority Mail Supplies.  You can place your order for these supplies through the internet by going to The Postal Store.  You must login using your Click-N-Ship login information.  If you do not have an account, sign up for one. You can view the products that are available […]