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Basic Guidelines for Choosing an Online Selling Venue

Dollar Sign leaning again HouseYou have decided that you want to start a Home Based Business and you are new to ecommerce or selling online.  Perhaps, you sell on Ebay and have decided that it is time to expand your Online Business.  Now you are wondering how to choose an Online Selling Venue.

There are many different sites to choose from.  It is up to the Seller to decide which Site is going to work out best for them.  Try to remember that every site cannot fulfill each and every seller’s requirements.

Go to Bing, Google or Yahoo, and start researching the different selling venues.  You can also go to the Online Auction Sites Top Ten Reviews and check out the 10 listed sites.  Thoroughly research each and every site you are interested in.

Here are some Basic Guidelines that sellers may want to use when choosing an Online Selling Venue.

First and foremost, I would find out what the fees were for each site.  This would include the membership, insertion, and final value fees.

Next, see how easy the site is to use, for both the Seller and Buyer.  How easy is it to list an item, and is the checkout system set up for a quick purchase for the buyer.

Take your time and read the Policy Statement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Statement.  When you click on “Agree”, you must comply with these policies.  This will be your legally binding contract with that Selling Venue.

Determine which sites have active online auctions and which ones have fixed price item listings.  There are a few Selling Venues that have both.  You may find out that most sites are fixed price only.  Some sites, such as Bonanza, are fixed price but allow the buyer to make an offer for less that the asking price.

It is very important to find out which sites feed their item listings into Google or Oodle automatically for the seller.  If they do not, you are responsible for feeding your listings into the Google Merchant Center or Oodle yourself.

Always check out the completed list of items sold.  This will show you what is selling, and for what price.

Determine if the site is selling the items you carry in your inventory.  If there are hundreds of listings in your particular field, you should look for a different site to sell on that does not have as much competition.  Unless, you can sell your items for less money than the competition and still make a profit.

The savviest sellers never forget to check out each site’s Chat Forums.  This will help give you an idea of what the Online Site is all about.  If the Chat Rooms are upbeat, and the members are being helpful to one another, you have a winner.

I would read through the current Chat Forum posts.  Then I would go back through the olds posts for about a 1 month period.  This should give you a very good representation of what the atmosphere is like at that particular site.

Finally, I would suggest that you to talk to other Sellers and Buyers that you know.  Ask them which Online Selling Venue they use and what their opinion is of these different sites.

Then you just have to take a leap of faith and register with the online site or sites that you believe will fulfill your needs.  Now, jump in with both feet, and start listing all of your items for sale.

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