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Do you really want to Use Twitter for Your Business

I was asked this question – “Do you really want to use Twitter for your Business” by a very good friend of mine who also happens to be my mentor. 

My answer was, “No, Absolutely Not!” 

Why not you ask?  Because I just didn’t understand the benefits of Twitter for Business. 

I know that I’m not the only one out there trying to figure out why I should use Twitter for Business.  What possible difference could it make in my Business Strategy, if I decided not to use Twitter. 

Then I started to do some research.  The Business Insider’s March 31, 2011 Blog Post stated that “there are 56 million accounts on Twitter following 8 or more accounts”.   According to a Mashable article dated June 30, 2011, Twitter users send 200 Million Tweets per day.  Now just sit back and think about these figures.  That’s what I thought, you want to use Twitter in your Business Strategy too.

At this point, my friend patiently taught me how to use my Twitter account for Business effectively.  Here are 10 Basic Twitter Tips that I learned.

1) Twitter is a Social Network.  Keyword here is “Social”.  Do not spam your followers.   
2) Figure out who your Target Audience is.  Then tweet content that your Target Audience will find helpful, useful or will solve a problem.

3) Relax, be yourself, and have friendly conversations with other like minded individuals.

4) Tweet 4 to 7 times a day, Monday through Friday.  Make sure you are sharing great content and helping others.  Set up Google Alerts so you have a variety of Content delivered to your email account daily. 

5) Retweet other Twitter users tweets you find helpful, and reply to people that engage you in conversation.  Reply to the Direct Messages only if they are not automated messages generated as a result of you following someone. 

6) Always thank others for retweets and mentions.  On Friday add these people to your #FollowFriday #FF list.

7) Then start following other people.  If you don’t know who to follow, try searching the keywords that your target audience would look for.  Also review the people that your competition follows. 

8) Eventually you will grow your followers organically.  These people will find and follow you based on the content you tweet.  Review your followers and follow them back if they are active accounts.

9) Use Hootsuite or TweetDeck to help you manage your Twitter account.  Personally, I like using HootSuite

10)   Make sure that you sign up for a Klout account.  You can add your Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr,, Flickr, Blogger, Instagram and FourSquare Accounts.  This will help you gage your Social Media Influence.  

Using Twitter for your Business will lead to your target audience getting to know, like and trust you.  Once people start getting to know, like and trust you, they will feel more comfortable working and doing business with you.  It will help you get your Brand or Name out there.  When you add a new Blog Post to your Website make sure to Tweet it! 

Set up your Twitter account today, be yourself and have some Fun!  What is your Favorite Twitter Tips?  Please leave a comment below.

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