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How to Improve your Image Search Ranking

Image Search Ranking SEOMost Bloggers concentrate their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts on the text in their blog posts, websites, and product listings.  This is great for surfing on the web.  However, search engines such as Google and Bing, also search your images and ranks these images, before displaying them.   

Increase your image search ranking by naming your pictures with good descriptive text.  When renaming your photo from img001.jpg, choose a detailed informative filename.  The picture of your favorite pet dog could be renamed pet-yellow-lab-dog.jpg.  The hyphens between the words represent spaces to Google.  This gives the search engine information about your picture.    

Also, remember that the search engines cannot read embedded text on your photos.  Therefore, when you want to give more detailed image information, use Alternate Text.  This attribute allows Google to understand what your picture represents.   Google’s image search will use this information to help return the best images for that user’s search query.  Here is a great example of Alternate Text:

<img src=” pet-yellow-lab-dog.jpg” alt=”My pet yellow lab is chasing his blue ball in the park”>

The Alt Text inside of the HTML Code should be a short, concise sentence.  Describe what the image represents as though the picture was not available to be viewed.  Please, do not use this Alt Text method to spam keywords.  This could have potentially negative results.  Your website may be perceived as spamming and lower your site’s ranking.  Also, Alternate Text is used by the visually impaired using screen readers and others who have dial up connections where the images cannot be displayed.

Finally, remember to insert the appropriate picture next to the relevant text it pertains to in your blog, website or product listing.  This will help the search engines to better understand the image, and improves your image search ranking.

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