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Advantages to Ecommerce Businesses using a PayPal Account

The biggest Advantage to Ecommerce Businesses is that PayPal is one of the most widely utilized Internet Payment Systems.  Sellers and Buyers all over the World trust PayPal.  By offering PayPal as a method of payment, your Home Based Business can receive and send US payments, as well as, International payments. The PayPal Monthly and […]

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Basic Guidelines for Choosing an Online Selling Venue

You have decided that you want to start a Home Based Business and you are new to ecommerce or selling online.  Perhaps, you sell on Ebay and have decided that it is time to expand your Online Business.  Now you are wondering how to choose an Online Selling Venue. There are many different sites to […]

Steps to Establishing Your Ecommerce Home Based Business

Steps to Establishing Your Ecommerce Home Based Business

Establishing your Ecommerce Home Based Business legally requires a lot of time and effort.  I would strongly advise that you talk to a Tax Attorney and an Accountant when you set up your Business.  This article is only intended to provide you with some basic guidelines, and it is not meant to be legal advice. […]