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Why you Need to Register New Business Website Domain Names Yourself

Girl Holding Sign that states Register Your Own Business Domain NameFor those New Business Owners out there who are thinking about establishing your own website, register the Domain Name yourself.  Login to, or any other Domain Registrar, and purchase your own Business Domain Name.  It does not cost that much and is very easy to do. 

By completing this process, you will always own your Business Domain Name.  Remember, even if you hire a Web Developer or start a website on one of the many free websites builders available online, buy your own Domain Name.  Never allow another individual to register your Business Domain Name for you. 

I bet you are wondering why it matters, and you may be thinking that it is easier to just let someone else do it for you.  This would be a huge mistake.  Many Business owners find this out when the time comes for them to dissolve their website at one of those free hosting websites.  Or they finally decide that the Web Developer they hired is not working out.

The Business Owner decides to move on, and wants to take their Domain name with them.  Up to this point, they think that they own their Business Website Domain Name.  This is when they find out that they were wrong.  In Fact, the Web Developer or the Free Website builder owns this domain name.  Why you ask, because they let someone else register the domain name for them.

Now that Business Owner has the monumental task of trying to get the Domain Name transferred to them.  First they have to find out who owns their Business Domain name and get that Company or Web Designer to start the process of transferring over the Domain name.  If they have a Web Developer, they have to do certain procedures to complete the domain name registration transfer process.  If they used a free Website builder, they may have to pay a fee to get the Business Domain Name transferred to them.

All I am saying, is make it easy on yourself.  Just buy and register your own Business Domain Name and save yourself the hassle.

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